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1. What is NewwaySurf.com ?

NewwaySurf.com is a place where you can visit sites for a period of time and other webmasters will visit your sites in return.

2. How does it work ?

After joining, you will receive a surfing URL which will be used to visit other members websites for a period of time. Once the time elapses, you will have to click the correct number so that your account be credited. You earn credits and cash for each page view. Every credit can be used to bring a visitor to your website.

3. What can I do with the credits earned from viewing pages ?

Every credit means a hit to your active sites. Credits can be converted to banner impressions and/or text link impressions.

4. How can I increase my credits surfing ratio ?

Your credits surfing ratio is recalculated at the start of each day. At the starting surfing ratio (which depends on your upgrade level) is added an amount of credits based on your surfing from the previous day.

5. Can I earn cash from NewwaySurf.com ?

You can earn cash for each page view and up to 50% of the cash earned (by surfing) or spent by your referrals. The earnings are calculated based on your membership upgrade level.

6. Can I upgrade my account ?

You can upgrade your account to Silver, Gold or Platinum membership and you will earn more traffic and cash from your activity and your referrals activity. The upgrades benefits are explained in the "Upgrade" section.

7. How can I refer new members ?

You can refer new members using your referring links available in the "Promo Tools" section from the members area.

8. What are the benefits of referring new members to NewwaySurf.com ?

You earn up to 25% of the credits earned by your referrals. You also get paid up to 50 % of the cash earned (by surfing) or spent by your referrals. Cash is credited to your account every time your referrals get paid for an activity or buy a product we sell.

9. Can I contact my referrals ?

You can email a referral once per week and you can send them credits to read your emails.

10. How many ways can I earn credits and cash at NewwaySurf.com ?

You can earn credits and cash when you visit other members pages and also from your referrals activity (when surfing or when buying our products).

11. When can I withdraw my money from NewwaySurf.com ?

The minimum payout is $5. Once you reach this level, a button will appear in your commissions page which allows you to make a withdraw request.

12. How do you pay ?

We pay by Paypal , when you reach the minimum payout.

13. Can I have more than one account ?

No. If you create more than one account, all of them will be deleted, your IPs and your emails will be banned.

14. How many members are using NewwaySurf.com ?

36,778 Members.

15. I have more questions ...

Please contact us anytime.

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